Sweet Potato Tart with Stilton and Apple Smoked Bacon, 12/3/13

Chef Marc Guizol

Ashley's @ The Capital Hotel

Ingredients A:

Nueske's Apple Smoked Bacon

2lbs Diced Sweet Potatoes

1 Cooked, Diced Onion

1-5inch Round Puff Pastry

2 Arkansas Black Apples


Ingredients B:

1 Cup Imported Stilton Blue Cheese

1/2 Cup Capital Spiced Pecans

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Nutmeg

Bake Sweet Potatoes wrapped in foil and Bacon laid flat onseparate tray on 325 F until done.

Fill Puff Pastry with all ingredients from List A. Cook in Preheated oven at 350 degrees untilgolden delicious (about 20 minutes). During last 5 minutes of cooking, add bluecheese, pecans, and fresh nutmeg. After removing from oven, drizzle with EVOOto finish.

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