How to manage your pain, without relying on medication

How to manage your pain, without relying on medication

It's huge challenge in health care:

Managing the burden of chronic pain for millions of people, and limiting the amount of potential dangerous opioid prescriptions.

It can be particularly tough for people as they age.

As part of Septembers "Healthy Aging" month, Sinclair Cares looks into how to manage your pain, without relying solely on medication.

If you suffer from chronic pain, there is help available, from medication to injections, to techniques you just saw.

Below are available resources for patients.

  • American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA): tools and information for patients to better understand medication and non-medication treatments for chronic pain, tools to help better self-manage pain, tips on how to better communicate with healthcare provider, and resources in local communities. (
  • The American Academy of Pain Medicine website ( Patient center section that can help patients find a pain management physician in their area, education tips to help better understand pain, safety information about medication use, storage, and disposal
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC). ( Information for patients more specific to opioid management, safety, guidelines, and preventing overdose.
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