Vincent Tolliver: Little Rock mayoral candidate

Vincent Tolliver is a candidate for Little Rock mayor. (Photo courtesy: Vincent Tolliver)

Vincent Tolliver is a candidate for Little Rock mayor. Below are his answers to KATV's questionnaire.

1. In your opinion, what is the greatest concern for the city of Little Rock?

Education and Poverty are the greatest concerns facing Little Rock, not crime as we've been told by various influencers like political leaders (including mayoral candidates) and media. The fact is crime is statistically down in the City of Little Rock and I'm not among the ones who believe in peddling fear----which neither increases tourism nor increases the number of residents who move to the city. It does the exact opposite: decreases, and of course kills potential revenue for Little Rock. It should not escape anyone's notice, however, there are definite financial benefits for those who peddle fear, whether in the form of ratings, federal dollars, or consulting dollars from the City of Little Rock to various individual consultants or companies offering "crime prevention" programs.

2. What is your plan to fight the increasing violence in the city?

I will re-imagine and re-define what policing the community and community policing mean from top to bottom.

3. What is the role of the Mayor as it pertains to the Little Rock School District?

The role of the Mayor is to be a friend to, and fierce advocate for, the Little Rock School District to ensure every child in the City of Little Rock has access to a world-class education at the public school in his/her neighborhood or community.

4. On the proposed Interstate 30 Crossing, do you support the expansion?

In it's present form, I do not support I-30 Crossing. I don't believe we need a 14 lane expansion to achieve safety and ease traffic, especially not at the over 1/2 billion dollar price tag. Also, businesses and neighborhoods will be irreparably harmed.

5. Should teachers and/or other school employees that are not law enforcement be armed?

No, absolutely not. And I'm very proud to stand with Moms Demand Action on this issue who work very hard to promote Gun Sense.

6. How would you bring better, higher-paying jobs to Little Rock?

At a recent coffee meeting with the Commissioners of Parks and Recreation, I learned about our an existing City of Little Rock slogan which I think is absolutely terrific: A City in the Park. When attempting to attract companies (particular renewable energy ones) and new residents (especially millennials), we need to make sure we're promoting all the natural resources Little Rock offers and highlighting the fact that we're a "A City in the Park."

So, using an aggressive "Little Rock: A City in the Park" advertising/marketing campaign to attract companies whose core values are intricately tied to quality of life would go a long way in bringing better, higher paying jobs to our beautiful city.

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