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EStem senior surprised with McLarty Drives Education Scholarship

Senior Shane Johnson with eStem Public Charter Schools is the McLarty Drives Education Scholarship winner for June. (KATV Photo)

We are closing in on the final month of our McLarty Drives Education Scholarship, and this story features a senior from E-Stem Public Charter School. His teachers and peers describe him the same way, saying he's just a special kid.

"This is somebody who treats everybody with dignity and respect. Somebody who's witty, bright, kind, compassionate, admired and respected by his peers. He takes time to raise money for charity, and I'm only talking about Shane," said McLarty Automotive Group representative.

You can tell by the cheers that senior Shane Johnson is loved and respected by many at Estem Charter School. He was surprised recently with a $2,500 scholarship, thanks to McLarty Automotive Group. The teacher who nominated him says he's just a good kid.

"He helps other students," says Josh Hayes. "He sets the tone. He works hard. He's a diligent worker, but he's also he's overall a nice person. Whatever he does, he's going to excel. He's going to be special because he's just that type of person."

Shane is a 4.0 student who has raised $4,500 for the Make a Wish Foundation through his own non-profit called the 'Lights on Jupiter Organization.' It's a Christmas light show in central Arkansas. He plans to continue that as he heads to college at UA Little Rock, studying computer science.

"I'm a first generation college student," Shane says. "Neither of my parents went to college, nor their parents. So, there's a lot of pressure to do good in college and what not and knowing that this will help me to graduate debt-free is just such a privilege."

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