J.A. Fair student receives McLarty Drives Education Scholarship

Our first recipient of the McLarty Drives Education Scholarship is Arkysia Whitehead, a senior from J. A. Fair. (Photo: KATV)

Our first recipient of the McLarty Drives Education Scholarship is a senior from J. A. Fair.

"The student that we're presenting the scholarship to today, is Arkysia Whitehead...clapping."

You can tell by the cheers that Arkysia Whitehead is popular among her peers and teachers.

She's described as a motivated and intelligent young lady who never meets a stranger.

"She comes in.. what do you need today... greeting new students... helping all the counselors, just anything. Just a self starter. Anything you need done, she'll do it."

"When I try to come in contact with people, I try to get a basic how are you? Do you need help with anything? Try to connect on a level that most people may not realize may be so important."

Arkysia is the oldest child of three from a single parent home. She's often responsible for caring for her siblings, and also works a part time job while maintain a full, rigorous schedule and maintaining her standing as one of the school's top academic students.

"She's a smart young lady. I am very very proud of her. We came a long way."

"We're looking at the individual as a whole. The person who's pushing and striving to go on to higher education and we just want to stand behind them and stand with the community and show them that we want to be a part of that."

This $2,500 McLarty Drives Education Scholarship will help Arkysia go to college at Arkansas State University. Part of the financial burden now lifted, and she couldn't be more thankful.

"People think that in order to get a full ride, you have to be some type of athlete. But to know that you're just being yourself and being a leader and you have people watching you and willing to help out..means a lot to me."

Arkysia plans to major in broadcast journalism. She says she loves meeting new people and hopes to make an impact on others.

If you're a school administrator or teacher and would like to nominate a deserving student, go to our website and click the contest banner.

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