Mount St. Mary senior surprised with McLarty Drives Education scholarship

(KATV Photo)

All school year, KATV is highlighting the accomplishments of outstanding students in Arkansas by partnering with McLarty Automotive Group to award nine scholarships to kids who are active in their school and community.

With over 500 students nominated so far this year, this month's recipient of the McLarty Drives Education Scholarship is Ashley Henry, a student who is doing all the right things.

"We look at extracurricular, we look at community involvement. We look at a little bit of everything," Keith Caldarera with McLarty.

Ashley is an outgoing student who is active in her school and community. She's the captain of the MSM Rockette squad, student council vice president, is a student trainer and volunteers summers and weekends at Camp Aldersgate - all while working a part-time job.

"Her confidence radiates and it lights up the room," said Annie Cross with Mount St. Mary Academy. "I think that's what makes her an outstanding role model to these younger girls. They can look up to her as a leader."

Ashley hopes to earn a degree in either special education or occupational therapy.

She's one of three sisters who will be enrolled in college, so her family is extra thankful for this $2,500 scholarship.

"It's hard to put kids through college right now," said Cathey Henry, her mother. "It's very expensive. I really appreciate McLarty Auto for doing this and for giving back, not only to my family, but to multiple families throughout the year."

"I had no idea I was getting this. At all," said Ashley. "I was completely shocked when y'all told me this today."

"It's really reassuring for me because now I can be more confident in the education I get, and if I do last-minute decide to go out of state, it won't be as difficult," she continued.

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