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Healthcheck report: Lonoke woman recovers from ATV accident

Lonoke woman goes through physical therapy following ATV accident.

Crystal Payne had her world turned upside down on March 17th. The mom of three, a local hairdresser, was riding in an ATV when it flipped over and landed on top of her.

Payne says, "I broke my neck, c5,6,7 and t1, I broke my jaw, I broke my sternum, my ribs. and I have a bracioplexus injury to my right arm." She was in a medically induced coma for more than a month. The small community of Lonoke joined in "Prayer for the Paynes", but doctors gave her little hope of ever cutting hair again.

Physical therapist Amy Cadmus says, "The doctors had told her she only had a one percent chance of ever using her right arm again." Cadmus began working with crystal in May. The goal: to restore as much motion as possible. Amy did a lot of work on Crystal's shoulder blade, which was shattered in the accident.

Cadmus says, "When it was healing, it actually stuck down to her rib cage. So there was no motion at all in her shoulder blade. It was stuck out to the side."

It was painful from the beginning, but Crystal was seeing results, and eventually...

"I put the scissors in my hand, and it's like I naturally just did it. I was sacred of not knowing what that felt like again," says Payne.

Cadmus adds, "I think everyone except Crystal was crying just watching her use her hand for the first time to do what she loves."

Amy even went the extra mile using her woodworking hobby to make Crystal a step stool to better reach her clients. Crystal says Amy is not just her physical therapist.. She's friend for life.

As she thinks about all she's been through this year, she has this advice for anyone facing similar hardships.

Payne says, "Enjoy every moment that you can possbily enjoy. I had no idea it could be taken away from me so quickly. I get to be their mom now."

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