New technology identifies bacteria, treatment faster


UAMS has new technology that reduces the time it takes to identify pathogens associated with life-threatening blood-borne infections.

The Accelerate Pheno system is FDA approved and it also identifies which antibiotic would be most effective on a case-by-case basis.

Normally, it would take two days but this new technology takes one hour to name the pathogen and only several hours for the treatment.

"We were one of three hospitals globally, internationally, to bring this to our patients," Dr. Eric Rosenbaum, assistant professor of Pathology at UAMS, said. "We've been live with it for about a month now and in that time we've seen some amazing interventions that we have been able to make that never before possible have been available to in patient care."

Before this technology, testing samples were put in a dish, allowed to grow, and then identified.

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