Pregnant Batesville woman faced with terrifying choice

(KATV Photo)

Teighlor Kittler was 37 weeks pregnant when she passed out while getting ready for work.

Her husband, Corey, rushed her to the emergency room in Batesville.

"If he hadn't been there I probably wouldn't have made it," Kittler said.

She was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism.

"A pulmonary embolism involves a blood clot in the vessels in the lungs," explained Dr. Nadir El Sharawi, an obstetric anesthesiologist at UAMS.

Dr. El Sharawi added pregnant women are more at risk for blood clots.

Kittler was started on blood thinners and med-flighted to UAMS. When her baby's heart rate dropped, she was given a choice: continue the blood thinners or undergo an emergency C-section.

"For her, [a C-section] would be a risky thing because she was put on blood thinning medicine which means there's a potential of massive bleeding during the operation," explained Dr. El Sharawi.

Despite the risks, Kittler thought of her baby and chose to undergo a C-section.

"I just wanted her to be safe and healthy," Kittler said. "I started to bleed out after they got her out, and then they took me I guess to CT to find the blood clots tand then they took me to the IR lab, did chest compressions where I went into cardiac arrest three times."

Her heart stopped three times.

But the next morning she woke up on a ventilator with her husband beside her.

"I grabbed his hand and I started writing stuff," Kittler said, "What happened, where's Madelyn?"

Today Kittler and their daughter Madelyn are healthy and happy.

Kittler and her doctors know she was lucky.

"It's probably a miracle that she survived," Dr. El Sharawi said.

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