Taking care of community needs with Baptist Health wellness centers

(KATV Photo)

Of the 22 community wellness centers that Baptist Health operates on a monthly basis, the center at the Mosaic Church off Colonel Glenn is one of the busiest.

Teresa Conner is the system director for community outreach with Baptist Health. She says, "Especially during the winter months when it's colder, we have a lot of people come in to be able to get the free sleeping bags and things that we're giving out today."

In addition to sleeping bags, community members are getting a variety of health screenings. Registered nurses with Baptist Health are on hand to check blood sugar levels, blood pressure and offer flu shots, and they're passionate about the work they do.

They've been able to identify countless health issues and get people the help they need. All of this is being offered for free.

Baptist Health offers free monthly health screenings at about two dozen community wellness centers in Arkansas and also has a homeless clinic at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Little Rock.

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