UAMS Medcheck: When you should consider getting a mammogram

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The American Cancer Society recommends women begin getting mammograms at the age of 45. But for some women considered high risk, they start much sooner.

"For me, doing everything I can to prevent breast cancer in my life is very important because I have a family and I want to make sure I'm taking care of myself so I can take care of them," explained Tracy Lamey.

Lamey's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39.

Because Tracy is considered a high-risk patient, she gets a mammogram at UAMS every 6 months.

"That gives me the confidence that I'm doing everything I can to prevent breast cancer for myself."

"We're very proud to have Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, also known as the 3D mammogram, here at UAMS," said Dr. Gwendeylyn Bryant-Smith, the chief of breast imaging at UAMS.

Dr. Bryant-Smith explained 3D mammogram technology was approved by the FDA in 2011 and has been at UAMS since 2014. "A 3D mammogram has been shown in multiple, multiple studies to find more invasive breast cancer, more of the killer cancers."

UAMS also offers same day results to patients.

Patients like Tracy say that cuts down on anxiety.

"With a mammogram they typically come and talk to you right after and give you the result and let you know what you might need next and when you need to come back," Tracy said.

Since she started getting mammograms at the age of 32, Tracy has had three biopsies at UAMS. She said the best part was that they are minimally invasive, allowing her to quickly get back to her family.

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