UAMS patient takes up running after hip replacement

Mary Ann Hansen, a UAMS patient, took up a sport after her hip was replaced. (KATV Photo)

We often hear the good outcomes of patients who are able to return to a sport after total hip or knee replacement, but in the case of Mary Ann Hansen, she took up a sport after her hip was replaced.

Hansen says she began running to giver her a new lease on life.

Her surgeon, Dr. Lowery Barnes, says it's time to consider surgical options once the pain gets in the way of living.

"I ran one block and I thought, 'This is difficult,' so I ran one block and walked one block and it just took off that way," Hansen says. "Before I knew it, I was running two and three blocks, and I thought, 'This is really good.' Then I thought, 'I’d like to run a marathon!'"

Hansen has participated in five marathons and 12 half-marathons.

She also started an organization called, "Hope Rises," with the goal to encourage women who have been incarcerated to add movement and activity to their lives.

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