11 indicted in central Arkansas drug ring

Eleven people have been indicted on federal drug trafficking charges in Arkansas (Photo: MGN)

Authorities announced Thursday that 11 people had been indicted on federal drug trafficking charges in central Arkansas.

The indictment, filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, says the organization distributed cocaine and marijuana in the region between April 2017 and June, according to a news release. Those involved face charges including conspiracy to distribute and conspiracy to possess cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana, felon in possession of a firearm and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

The release says authorities seized about 16.2 pounds of cocaine, 7.7 pounds of marijuana, 13 firearms and $9,540. They also bought more than a 2.2 pounds of cocaine from the organization and used court-ordered wiretaps to listen to hundreds of calls related to drug trafficking, according to the release.

The FBI led a nine-agency task force in an investigation of the drug ring. The task force was formed last year with the goal of reducing gang activity and gun violence in Little Rock.

Those arrested or already in custody are: John Garner, 50, of Hensley; James "Richie Rich" Richard, 49, of Wrightsville; Cedric Bradley, 44, of Little Rock; Antwan Hardaway, 34, of Newport; Isaac May, 39, of Sweet Home; LaQuentin Nichols, 39, of Little Rock; Christopher "Popeye" Seals, 43, of Little Rock and Jasper Vick, 37, of Little Rock.

Three others were at large. They were identified as Larry Clark, 36, of Little Rock, Jalisa Johnson, 28, of North Little Rock and Bridgette Williams, 43, of North Little Rock

It appears the group has been known to law enforcement for years. The release says authorities seized $328,000 in cash from a courier for the organization in 2014.

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