2 face rape charges after role-playing turns 'dark' in northwest Arkansas

Jacob Lester, left, and Benjamin Mooney (Photo: Washington County sheriff's office)

Two men have been arrested on rape charges after a sexual encounter turned "dark" last week in northwest Arkansas, authorities reported.

The Washington County sheriff's office was called about 8 a.m. to a home on Sharp Drive in Goshen, where a person wearing a blanket and a "chastity device" had shown up and begged for help, according to a sheriff's office report. There were "severe whip marks" on the person's back and buttocks. The person, who was not identified in the report, claimed to have escaped from a home nearby at 19849 Pug Gayer Road in Fayetteville after being drugged, beaten and raped for two nights at the residence.

The person had reportedly met two men at the home for a sexual encounter, but said it "became dark."

Deputies found Jacob Lester, 27, and Benjamin Stanton Mooney, 31, at the home. Lester told investigators that he and Mooney, who is described as 7-feet-2 and nearly 300 ponds, had been putting the unidentified person through "pup play training," which he described as submissive role-playing, according to the report. Lester, who is said to stand 6-feet-5 and 344 pounds, reportedly said the three would have sex in between role-playing sessions and that he gave the person Haldol, an antipsychotic drug, at some point.

The sheriff's office said Mooney's interview with investigators involved barking. Mooney reportedly explained that had three personalities -- puppy, sex slave and person -- and that "woof" was his puppy response. Mooney "either stated he understood or he would woof" as deputies read his Miranda Rights.

Mooney told investigators that he'd been living with Lester for about three weeks as he learned how to be a "sex puppy," training that involved regular beatings and acts of submission, the sheriff's office reported. Mooney said he blacks out when he's in his sex slave persona and couldn't recall if he'd hit the person who accused them of sexual assault.

Mooney reportedly said deputies might find a key for the chastity device in a well house behind the residence on Pug Gayer Road.

Lester and Mooney also face charges of first-degree false imprisonment, a Class C felony. They were being held in the Washington County jail Wednesday.

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