2 former Bauxite baseball players arrested following sexual assault, hazing investigation

Prosecuting attorneys say Lorenz Fehrenbacher (L) Gage Lester (R) were arrested Thursday. (Photo: Polk County Sheriff's Office)

Prosecuting attorneys confirm two former Bauxite baseball players have been arrested after a sexual assault and hazing investigation.

According to Polk County prosecuting attorneys, Gage Lester, 18, and Lorenz Fehrenbacher, 18, were arrested Thursday.

Lester and Fehrenbacher are facing charges of third degree assault and hazing. Fehrenbacher is also being charged with third degree battery.

Both Lester and Fehrenbacher have been released on their own recognizance, according to officials.

A Bauxite School District spokesperson told KATV they're no longer students and have no further comment.

According to court documents obtained by Channel 7, Lester and Fehrenbacher allegedly called at least two freshmen to the back of the bus, and told them if they didn't come they would beat them up. One freshman said he was afraid because they had beaten him up in the past.

At least one freshman went to the back of the bus, and based off interviews conducted by state police, Lester and Fehrenbacher "stuck fingers in their buttocks and grabbed their testicles" and it "occurred on top of their clothing". A victim stated they held him down while someone counted. Court documents also state that when a victim was walking to the back of the bus, Fehrenbacher struck him in the chest area, "knocking him backward and causing him to lose his breath".

Lester and Fehrenbacher's attorney, John Wesley Hall, released this statement to KATV:

“We can hardly wait to get the discovery in court and to get our hands on the Arkansas Department of Education’s investigative report on the two coaches. We are looking forward to the trial.”

Both are scheduled to appear in court on November 9th.

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