A month later, family of murdered Little Rock man still wanting justice

This is 30-year-old Loren Robinson. He was shot and killed in Little Rock back in July. (Photo: KATV)

The family of a murdered Little Rock man is awaiting justice more than a month after his death.

"Sometimes we're just waiting for that one witness to break the case," said Officer Steve Moore, Public Information Officer with Little Rock Police Department.

Only July 24, 30-year-old Loren Robinson was shot and killed in a car outside his mother's house at the corner of Mabelvale Cutoff and Stardust Trail.

The next day, Robinson’s family says they had an idea who pulled the trigger. But as of Tuesday, no arrests have been made in his case.

Robinson's murder is one of 45 homicides for Little Rock in 2017. It's also one of the 22 unsolved cases.

But police reassure, detectives are still working to find the gunman.

“They just continue to plug away, go back and re-interview witnesses, wait on forensic results, sometimes you know that's a big key," said Moore.

In terms of cases, Officer Moore says “unsolved” doesn't mean detectives don't know who their suspect is.

"It means we don't have enough at that time to proceed with criminal charges," said Moore.

One issue is the department’s homicide case load can be a hurdle.

"There were two homicides within 20 minutes of each other that night, so they have to try to, you know, fit in the investigative time between the new ones that continue to happen, and sometimes that can make it difficult," said Moore.

Another issue is witnesses not coming forward for fear of being labeled a snitch or being prone to retaliation.

"The way I look at it, you're a witness to a crime,” said Moore. “If somebody has been killed, it's your responsibility to come forward and say what you saw or what you heard."

But Moore also offers this warning: "If we continue to let these people get away with it, then our numbers are going to increase, and eventually, it might be your loved one that's been killed or harmed."

Police say if you know anything at all, call detectives at (501)371-4636 or (501)371-4660

You can also send them a message on Facebook.

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