Alfred Angelo closing leaves brides without dresses

Alfred Angelo closing leaves brides without dresses

A day most women dream about has turned into a nightmare following the sudden collapse of bridal retailer Alfred Angelo.

Many customers found the company got cold feet when their stores closed unexpectedly Thursday, many with their dresses, most of them already paid for, still locked inside.

“I’m heartbroken that my daughter and other women have to go through this. A lot of people don’t have the time or money to purchase another dress,” said customer Crystal Crocker.

The company operates 60 stores across the United States and sells merchandise in more than 1,400 retail stores worldwide, including Rendezvous Formal Wear in Benton.

“I would probably cry a little bit and then you kind of have to put your boots on and shop for another dream dress,” said Rendezvous Owner, Michelle Litterst.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Alfred Angelo is planning to file for bankruptcy protection, while the company’s website still remains silent about the unexpected closures.

In the meantime, Litterst is doing everything in her power to make things right for brides-to-be who ordered gowns from Alfred Angelo.

“Even if you didn’t buy a dress from us personally. We will find a dress that is very similar to that style and offer you a discount and ship that dress to you,” said Litterst.

For more information on Rendezvous Formal Wear in Benton, you can visit their website.

Several customers have been told to contact Stearns, Weaver, and Miller law firm about outstanding issues with Alfred Angelo. The firm’s phone number is 305-789-3553.

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