And They're Off: Oaklawn Racing's opening weekend begins

And Their Off: Oaklawn Racing's opening weekend begins

Some folks have waited all year for this.

"I’ve never been on opening day and I thought it would be a fun experience," Demetta McTague, who was attending opening weekend for the first time, said.

Thousands of Arkansans and people across the united states have come to Hot Springs to experience opening weekend at the Oaklawn horse track.

"It's like a really fun experience," Oriana Montoya, who bet at Oaklawn for the first time, said.

Races started just after noon and ran for about four hours.

People gazing at the track, hoping they picked that lucky horse, with most people seeing a not so welcomed result.

"I’ve come close a couple of times but I haven't won," McTague said.

"So far, I haven't won anything, but that's okay," Montoya said.

This was Oriana Montoya's first time getting to bet at Oaklawn, and has been looking forward to opening weekend for quite some time.

"I’ve like heard about it and so to finally come here and actually do it, it's really cool," Montoya said.

Even though, she's taking a more "strategic" approach.

"I’m betting on the long shot," said Montoya.

Whether seasoned pro, or first timer, the excitement can be seen all over.

"The live racing is just an amazing experience,” McTague said. “The horses coming in to the finish, hoping your horse wins, it's just a lot of fun."

Even if you aren't picking that lucky horse.

"It's funny to hear really close to the finish line all the yelling and everything so it's really cool," Montoya said.

Races do continue tomorrow as well.

First post is scheduled for one in the afternoon.

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