Angry 'Upchurch' fans demand refunds after concert fiasco at Coles Off Road Park

Coles Off Road Park in Hot Springs is now permanently closed following a concert fiasco involving country rap artist Upchurch over the weekend. (Photo: KATV)

Many music fans who came to Hot Springs this past weekend for a three-day music concert are demanding a refund for event tickets.

Country rap artist Upchurch was scheduled to perform at Coles Off Road Park on Saturday, but never took stage.

Upchurch says his crew and fans were cursed at and disrespected by park staff.

"When I feel like people are taking advantage of me [that] is one thing, but when you start taking advantage of my fans, that's when you (expletive) up," yelled Upchurch in a video posted to his Facebook Saturday night.

Even though there were paying fans waiting, Upchurch decided not to perform because of what he heard.

"I pull up to the mud park, and there's somebody at the front gate with my (expletive) people pulling up, with RHEC stickers and (expletive) on their trucks, asking where do they park at," said Upchurch. "Then they get (expletive) yelled and cussed at, and get asked to (expletive) leave?! Don't say it didn't (expletive) happen, because I (expletive) heard it!"

Colby Morgan, who bought an $80 VIP ticket, was able to get inside while other ticketholders weren't so lucky.

"They were telling people get up, get out of here," said Morgan. "They were saying, 'get the "F" off the road. Turn around, you're not coming in.'"

Morgan said the crowd was between 5,000-6,000 people, and park staff was confused on if Upchurch was coming.

“About four of five hours of everybody waiting in line, suspecting for Upchurch to come up, they realized that Upchurch put up a Facebook post explaining why he was not going to be at the concert tonight,” said Morgan.

In a post on Facebook Saturday night, that now has almost 900 comments, Coles Off Road Park told its side.

The park claims Upchurch's crew asked for more power, took their payment from the park, said they were going to the hotel until it was ready, then bailed.

The post also announce the park is now permanently closed. Plus, it asked readers to stop sending threats to park staff.

In the comment section, many fans were demanding a refund.

“First off, I want to hear them give an apology for how they handled the situation, and I want them to refund the money to all the people,” said Morgan.

Upchurch says he will fix the situation on his end.

"I'm going to figure out another way to come back and anyone who paid for a ticket can get in for free," said Upchurch.

While he declined to do an on-camera interview, the owner of Coles Off Road Park tells Channel 7 by phone, "We apologize to the community and neighbors for any damages we caused."

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