AR Game and Fish investigating video of man beating deer with textbook

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A video of a Georgia man repeatedly hitting a deer in the head with a textbook has gone viral.

The ten second video shows a man beating a deer at least five times with a hardback, accounting textbook before it cuts off.

The man in the video is believed to be from Villa Rica, Georgia. The Villa Rica Police Department posted on their Facebook page on Thursday after excessive calls about the video.

Police Chief Michael Mansour said the video was filmed in Arkansas. In a phone interview he explained the Department of Natural Resources in Georgia told him the deer was hit by a car, the men then put the deer in the backseat, the deer then regained consciousness, and was beaten with the textbook.

A friend of the man in the video spoke to us over the phone. He said the man in the video was visiting Arkansas to deer hunt. He didn't disclose his name.

"Seeing that makes you question what his motive was for even allowing the deer to be in his backseat. Why wouldn't he put it in the bed of the truck, why wouldn't you call [someone]? I mean, it's just weird that he would put it in that type of situation," said the friend of the man.

Keith Stephens, with Arkansas Game and Fish, said the man in the video will be interviewed by wildlife officers on Friday about the video.

As of Thursday evening, they believe the video was shot somewhere in Arkansas County.

Stephens said if convicted of misdemeanor animal cruelty, the man in the video could face a year in jail and a $1,000 dollar fine. Stephens said it's not a felony because the animal isn't a dog, cat or horse.

"It was disgusting. That's not reflective of Arkansas values, especially outdoorsmen and hunters. It was hard to watch," said Stephens.

Stephens said if you do accidentally hit a deer, Game and Fish suggest that you call them to take care of the deer if you don't feel comfortable putting it down yourself.

Game and Fish said multiple animal rights organizations, including PETA, have contacted them about the video.

Due to the graphic nature of the video, KATV Channel 7 has decided to not to show or provide a link to the video.

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