ArDOT survey finds 73% of people aren't satisfied with road conditions

ArDOT survey finds 73% of people aren't satisfied with road conditions

Back in the fall, the Arkansas Department of Transportation conducted a public opinion survey, to see what Arkansans thought of the Natural State's highway system.

It was conducted to see if the department needed additional funds to update some of the roads.

"We've tried over the last couple legislative sessions to find some additional funding and we've just come up empty handed," Danny Straessle, public information officer for Arkansas Department of Transportation, said.

So, when the survey came back, out of nearly three thousand that voted, 73 percent aren't satisfied with the current road conditions.

"We've gotten some confirmations on the conditions of the roads," Straessle said.

Which were ArDOT can't update with money they don't have.

"We can't take care of what we've got because our funding has not been kept up with the needs," Straessle said.

Along with this part of the survey, the other part was if people were willing to pay more in either fuel taxes or car registration fees.

If not a tax increase, than another possibility would have been reallocating funds the state gets when you purchase something related to your car, into a fund for highways.

Most voters chose options that would least effect their wallets, like the money reallocation or an increase on a diesel fuel tax.

"It's going to have to be a mixed bag of options so that not one area is tremendously impacted," Straessle said.

Now that survey is still available online for people to take.

ArDOT hopes to continue gathering data to see what would be the best options to improve those roads.

If you would like to fill out the survey, click here.

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