Arkansans headed to Texas to help Hurricane Harvey survivors

In the meantime, help continues to pour in to Texas from around the country, but particularly from its surrounding states including Arkansas.

The rain part of the storm may be ending in the Houston area, but it could take weeks before the flooding recedes.

In the meantime, help continues to pour in to Texas from around the country, but particularly from its surrounding states, including Arkansas.

Two separate groups from Arkansas are gearing up to head to Texas to help Hurricane Harvey survivors.

One group is bringing supplies, such as water, baby diapers, and food, while another is bringing an industrial-sized kitchen big enough to cook for thousands at a time.

All That Matters, a local moving company, has stepped in after its owner, Amanda Shay, watched the devastation on the news. Shay is currently collecting numerous items for the victims in the Southeast Texas area.

"Anything we can do at all, just to let them know, I try to put myself in their shoes, what would I want and what would make me feel better?” Shay added.

Multiple drop-off locations throughout the state have been set up by Shay, along with businesses willing to help. Shay plans to leave with an 18-wheeler truck on Friday morning at 5 a.m.

"We're going to go as far as we can, but it's those small towns that nobody is really doing anything for - that's the ones that we want to help. We're not going to put anyone in danger by going out there, but we are going to get as close as we can to help as much as we can,” said Shay.

Meanwhile, the Arkansas Baptist State Convention Disaster Relief has already sent shower units, and now a kitchen is headed to Dallas until they're given the green light to get closer.

"When we get on site, we've got a kitchen, one of our bigger kitchens that we can cook up to 30,000 meals per day for the survivors. So when we go down, we take the generators so we're self-sufficient when we get on site,” said Director Randy Garrett.

List of locations to drop-off donations:

England: Kroger, The England Flower Shop, local churches

Cabot: Joyland Skating Rink, 2020 S 2nd Street

Conway: The Beauty Bar, 2455 Washington Avenue Suite 103

Little Rock: iHeartMedia Metroplex, 10800 Colonel Glenn Rd.

Hot Springs: Alltell Store


- Vienna sausages



-granola bars

-string cheese


-potted meat

-crackers with peanut butter or cheese

-hard candy


-candy canes

-water bottles


-hand wipes

-nail clippers


-pack of Kleenex

-comb or small brush

- dental floss



- hand sanitizer




- tshirts

- shorts/ pants





-duffle bags



-coloring books

- gently used toys

- diapers

- wet ones



Sanitary items

Wal Mart gift cards


Rubber Boots

Trash bags

Bug spray


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