Arkansans prepare for modern gun deer hunting season

Arkansans prepare for modern gun deer hunting season

Roughly 400,000 Arkansans are expected to head out to the woods this weekend for the start of modern gun deer hunting season.

The city of Sheridan is experiencing a little more traffic than normal, and that's because what's happening Saturday - the start of deer hunting season. Sheridan is one of the gateways to the deer woods.

Hunter's Refuge owner David Ferrell waits every year for it.

"This is our time of year,” he said, “We live all year for this."

As soon as the sun rises in the Natural State on Saturday morning, modern gun deer hunting season begins.

Hundreds of thousands of Arkansans will be gearing up and taking to the woods this weekend, in an excursion that mixes sport with animal population control.

"We had a milder summer, so I think the deer are plentiful," said Ferrell.

"It's very important that we remove those excess numbers to keep those deer populations balanced," Ralph Micker, a member of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, said.

The Game and Fish Commission needs hunters, like Ferrell, to grab their camofaluge and rifles, because in just these two days, hunters will harvest roughly 35,000-45,000 deer.

But while out there, there are things to remember, like grabbing a guide book of your hunting zone to see if there's Chronic Waste Disease, or CWD, in the area.

Along with this, tag the deer that you kill.

"It is important that we remember to check our animals, because that's what helps us not only track harvest but population numbers," Micker said.

"Go out and enjoy yourself, enjoy the resource, but most importantly, be careful," said Micker.

For those of you making your way out to hunt Saturday morning, the sun is expected to rise before 6:30 a.m.

Hunting season benefits Arkansas economically as well. Each season brings in roughly half a billion dollars.

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