Arkansas Cinema Society holds inaugural event to promote film in the Natural State

Arkansas Cinema Society holds inaugural event to promote film in the Natural Statemovie.png

Arkansas is 1,500 miles from Los Angeles but that's not stopping a new group of film lovers from bringing Hollywood to the natural state.

It's the first of many events the Arkansas Cinema Society hopes to have, and it's not only promoting film in the natural state, but it's helping young filmmakers believe their dream can become a reality.

When Drew Clark heard about it, he couldn't wait.

"I was totally excited when it was first announced that it was going to be here, so yeah, I got tickets right away," Clark said.

The Arkansas Cinema Society, a relatively new group started by people in the film industry, announced they would be showing five films, featuring talk backs with directors and actors in those films.

"It almost feels surreal being here with these people just because it's so bizarre in a small place like Little Rock," said Clark.

But it's so far been a major success, with each screening selling out so far.

"It totally gives you a whole different personal feel with the whole film and the actors once you know what was going on behind the scenes," Clark said.

"This is set up so that it demystifies the craft of making film," Christopher Crane, Arkansas’ Film Commissioner, said.

And helps people understand that the film industry contributes to the economy of the natural state.

"We get to know that we can do these things right here and we can shoot the movies here and hopefully get a better experience that's available to young Arkansans," Heather Amaro, who attended the screening of “Paterson,” said.

"It's definitely the building blocks that we need,” Crane said. “Film is very important to the economy here in Arkansas and we're here to stay."

But, most importantly, it keeps that childhood dream alive.

"It gives them this feeling that it is possible and that you can actually do this," Clark said.

If you want to, you can still grab tickets for both “Pete’s Dragon” and “A Ghost Story,” a ticket for each film and its talk back is $35.

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