Arkansas coffee shop now offering CBD oil teas

Now, a local coffee shop with two locations, Conway and Little Rock, is offering CBD oil teas.

The use of Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, continues to grow as more information and research becomes available.

It's a product derived from cannabis, but without the THC; the component that produces a psychoactive effect.

Since CBD has become popular over the last couple of years, KATV has previously reported the uses of CBD whether it's by ingesting the oil or using topical creams. Now, a local coffee shop with two locations, Conway and Little Rock, is offering CBD oil teas.

Blue Sail Coffee’s owner, Kyle Tabor, told KATV he was skeptical at first, but after extensive research he decided to put it on his menu. Tabor added, that his grandmother initially piqued his interest.

"The fact that my grandma started using it. My grandma is a very conservative, stern minded person, she doesn't really give into ideas unless she's truly convicted, truly believes in it,” said Tabor. “When my grandma said she was buying CBD oil from the internet, which is quite the task for her, I was like...there must be something to this."

Tabor now offers two different freshly brewed teas with 10 drops of CBD oil added to the brew.

"CBD oil offers a range of benefits including reducing anxiety and inflammation which is really important for my own benefit, and we just want people to have that option,” he said.

Tabor said part of his research, included finding a local company that produces and sells CBD products and he eventually found Complete Body Daily.

"There are many different brands of CBD oil that you choose from, we wanted to make sure that we got the most pure lab tested stuff because there's a lot of stuff on the market that just not going impact your health like something pure and lab tested,” he added.

But are Tabor's customers in on this new brew?

"I don't think there's anything wrong with it and I don't think there's any reason why people should shy away from it,” said Wells Thompson, a weekly customer. “If it's something that you feel like you need, if you have a medical reason for wanting it or needing it, then great they offer it. If you don't and you’re just curious, awesome they offer it now and if you don't and you don't like it. fine, you still get your regular tea."

"it's a good thing, I think it's pretty cool for people who may need something like that. It's great that you can have the benefit of the medical use without having to get high so I think it's a pretty cool thing,” said Carson Cacciatore.

Click here for more information on Complete Body daily.

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