Arkansas National Guard deploys to Houston

Arkansas National Guard deploys to Houston

Local government agencies are stepping in to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. As of Monday morning, National Guard Members of the 61st Civil Support Team left Camp Robinson and headed off to Houston.

A group of less than 2 dozen soldiers who specializes in biological and chemical hazardous materials will be responsible for testing different areas affected by Hurricane Harvey and determining if they're safe for human exposure.

"We have gotten a request from the Texas Department of Emergency Management to assist their Chemical Support Team, their Civil Support Team," said Major William Phillips, Media and Public Affairs Officer with the National Guard.

The assistance from members of the 61st Civil Support Team is due to an Emergency Management Assistance Compact plan with Texas. This means whenever a state finds themselves in need of extra support, another state can respond. Major William Phillips says right now the Arkansas team is ready to do their part.

“They are primarily waiting for the storms to die down and then they will start doing their sampling to make sure there is nothing that will harm the citizens of Texas. The Arkansas National Guard is always ready, always there.”

The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management is also prepared to assist those affected by Harvey.

"We are prepared for any request of resources that the state of Texas needs. Even as early as last week, we were sitting down and making plans of what could potentially be asked of us,” said Melody Daniel with the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

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