Arkansas ranked most dangerous state for driving in the rain

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They say you can't control the weather, but what you can control is your safety on the roads during these wet conditions. According to a new study by Safewise, Arkansas is the most dangerous state for driving in the rain.

It's two different words driving on a nice, sunny day versus heavy rain.

"Dry pavement, everybody has their routine down of how long it takes them to get home from work, how long it takes them to get to school or to the store or whatever. When you add water to that, well, everything changes," said Danny Straessle, spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Transportation.

In 2014, 16 percent of crashes on Arkansas roads were during wet conditions - 55 of them were fatal. Little Rock resident Susan Havens said she's, "not surprised at all. People have difficulty driving as it is. And with our brakes and our tires, the tread on our tires, I think it makes it harder to adjust the time you break and stop."

Some say education also plays a factor.

"When it's raining or when it's snowing, I don't feel like kids get enough training as to how to drive in climate weather," said El Dorado resident, Authur Primm.

But where are you most likely to be involved in a wet-weather crash? On the interstate, there are three times more people driving.

"But you're also likely to see things happen on Cantrell Road, which is state Highway 10 because of the number of stoplights, the changing elevation, the amount of traffic, what time of day. So, you can't just say, look at a piece of road and say, yep, this is it," said Straessle.

To hopefully avoid getting in one of these crashes yourself - some things to keep in mind include having a 360 degree awareness while on the road at all times, making sure your windshield wipers are in good shape, and allowing yourself enough time to get to and from your destination without being in a rush.

We asked you on Facebook if you agree Arkansas's rank as the most dangerous state for wet weather driving. Nearly 90 percent of you said yes.

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