Arkansas State Fair brings in hundreds of thousands of people in one week

Arkansas State Fair brings in hundreds of thousands of people in one week

For some, it's their first time here.

"The food is very interesting and I’m bad at all the games, so I think I’m doing pretty well," Anveshi Guhi, a medical student at UAMS, said.

And others, are seasoned pros.

"I’ve always been to the fair," eight year old, Amir, said.

Thousands of people have been coming to the fairgrounds this week to enjoy the new rides.

"The rides are better this year," Rett Palecek, a fairgoer, said.

And, of course, the food.

Those factors could be why there's a likely chance that this year will produce record numbers in attendance.

"With the new carnival and stuff I think it's bringing out more of the crowds and more people," Brittany Fuhrmann, an attendee, said.

The fair is so popular this year that vendors like this one here, have had to restock their prizes daily because so many people are winning.

"Right now it's a little crowded today since it's a Saturday,” Jose Garcia, 13, said. “So more people come to the fair but it gets more exciting because more strangers means more fun."

But some fair goers feel the they've been able to grab food and go on all the rides without having to wait too long.

"For it to be a Saturday and the middle of the day at that,” Paige Jones, a medical student at UAMS, said. “I don't think it's that bad."

"It hadn't been that bad, people have been really nice," Wana J, a fairgoer, said.

Either way, whether it's a turkey leg, or tempting the ring of fire, this fair is sure to go down in the record books.

Now unfortunately if you haven't had a chance to come to the fair, you'll only have one more day to do so because it officially ends tomorrow.

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