Astronaut greets Little Rock in tweet from space

International Space Station (MGN Photo)

American astronaut Mark T. Vande Hei on Wednesday shared a photo of the Arkansas capital taken aboard the International Space Station.

Vande Hei, a flight engineer, tweeted an image of the city with the greeting, "Hello, Little Rock, Arkansas!"

Vande Hei, a Virginia native, has been in space since September. He's part of the space station's Expedition 54 crew, which includes six astronauts from Russia, Japan and the United States. Part of the crew's mission is to conduct about 250 scientific investigations in fields such as biology, Earth science and technology development, according to NASA.

His shoutout to Little Rock on Wednesday was the second this week. He tweeted an image from the space station Sunday that included the Arkansas capital and five other cities with the hashtag #SpaceIsCloserThanYouThink.

Vande Hei and two other astronauts aboard the space station are scheduled to return to Earth in Februrary, according to NASA.

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