Attorney for family of Charles 'C.J.' Smith says family wants to see more evidence

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The attorney for the family of Charles “C.J." Smith Jr. said he's starting an investigation following the release of dashcam video that shows an exchange of gunfire between the teenager and North Little Rock police officers.

Attorney Lee Merritt of Philadelphia has taken legal action against law enforcement agencies and worked on cases involving the Black Lives Matter movement.

"The family contacted me specifically to look at the constitutionality of both the use of force and subsequent remedial measures,” said Merritt. “So, I'm here to gather evidence and evaluate the case according to those lines."

Smith was shot and killed by officers at the corner of 52nd Street and Camp Robinson Road on Sunday after police say he shot at officers first.

After viewing the video, Merritt says it's too soon for them to decide if officers were justified.

They want video from the minute the unit pulled over to the moment it left -- all unedited.

"Releasing portions of the video is a step in the right direction, but this was clearly an edited video for the purposes of highlighting exculpatory evidence for the officers involved,” said Smith. “More or less, explaining to the public why the shooting was justified."

Merritt says he'll also be looking into the files of the officers involved, whose names have still not been released, to see if they have a history of misuse of force.

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