Little Rock police offer tips on preventing package theft during holidays

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As the Christmas season approaches, more and more packages will be delivered to front doorsteps. According to the Little Rock Police Department, that also means police will be receiving reports of stolen packages.

Last year, detectives made an arrest while a thief was caught stealing packages off doorsteps. LRPD says it's preparing for that type of crime again this year.

"We know that's coming up again," Officer Eric Barnes with LRPD said. "We know that package thefts are going to be an issue, so we are doing things to be proactive and combat those issues."

LRPD will have officers patrolling neighborhoods in addition to the usual holiday detail officers that are assigned to shopping centers. But citizens can protect themselves from being victims of theft, too. LRPD encourages those who live in a neighborhood with a watch program to have a trusted member of their neighborhood watch pick up their packages. And if you can, have your packages delivered to your workplace. But if you do have the misfortune of having a package stolen from you, police encourage any victim of theft to file a police report.

"If they do have some type of technology - cameras - we just encourage that if you can give the officer that that comes to make the report, it will give a good adequate description of that suspect, so that when they canvass the area or look for a vehicle description, they actually have a physical picture to be able to compare with something that they may see in that neighborhood," Barnes said.

Depending on what's inside the stolen package, Barnes says thieves could face misdemeanor or felony charges.

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