'Behind the Badge' campaign hopes to show different side of law enforcement

Police officers from all over central Arkansas gathered at the Arkansas State Capitol Tuesday to kick off a new campaign to show a different side of law enforcement.

They want everyone to know there's a real person behind the badge.

"I'm a person. I'm a mom. I'm a soccer mom, just like anyone else out on the field. don't look at me as some type of superhuman. I go through things just like you guys. I put my shoes on the same way you do. I'm human. We really are just like everyone else. We just have a difficult job we have to do."

That's the message several officers had to pass on in one of the "Behind the Badge" ad campaign videos, which can be seen on Channel 7.

Officers in the Little Rock Police Department, North Little Rock Police Department, and the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office hope those messages from their own will be heard loud and clear.

"Beneath the uniform, we are just regular people," said North Little Rock PD Sgt. Brian Dedrick. "We are coaches, we are dads."

Little Rock PD Chief Kenton Buckner says the ad campaign - showing good police officers who care - is needed more than ever.

"I think given the recent history we've had with law enforcement and some of the things that have been illuminated across the country, it was important for people to understand police officers are human beings," Chief Buckner said.

Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Captain Carl Minden says they hope the campaign will cause people to think before encountering a police officer violently.

"We're not robots. We're not always going to do the right thing people want," said Cpt. Minden. "We're not perfect, but we're out there trying every day and hopefully by putting this out there, if it saves an officer's life, that could be the greatest thing that ever came out of it."

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