Benton woman says pedicure put her in the hospital


A Benton woman is in the hospital with a painful infection that she says was caused by a pedicure.

"It feels like you're sitting too close to a fire and you just cannot get away from it, that's the way it feels," said Stacey Wilson of Benton.

Following a Channel 7 News investigation into unclean nail salons, Wilson says she now knows where to report her problem. She says her problem began Saturday at a Benton nail salon when the worker giving her a pedicure was too rough on her feet with a pumice stone, nicking the side of her foot and under her pinky toe.

"She knew she had hurt me a little bit," Wilson said.

Wilson says on Sunday her ankle became sore and red. On Monday the pain the pain became worse. By Tuesday she says she couldn't stand, the redness on her skin, creeping up to her knee and her fever rising to 102.

"I was like, it's time to go to the ER," Wilson said, who works as a nurse at Saline Memorial Hospital.

The doctors at Saline Memorial confirmed Wilson has an infection called cellulitis.

"Pedicures and manicures aren't the only that cause it, but we definitely we do see it associated with that," said Dr. Michael Pafford of Saline Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Pafford says don't wait to come in if you think you're infected and speak up while getting a pedicure to prevent a bad situation from happening.

"Recognizing you have the right to refuse them from continuing if you think they're not using sterile equipment. That's the best thing to do," Pafford said.

After four days in the hospital, Wilson says now she knows how and where to report her infection.

"I didn't know who you went to, who you could go to or anything, so that's we contacted you guys," Wilson said.

Wilson says she's going to file a complaint with the Arkansas Health Department when she gets out of the hospital. Channel 7 News plans to follow up with her complaint.

To report problems with salons to the health department email

To see Elicia Dover's full investigation into Arkansas nail salons, click here.

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