Blevins superintendent resigns shortly after parent accuses him of 'pulling a gun'

At the Sept. 11 school board meeting for the Blevins School District, superintendent Billy Lee announced he will resign at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. (Photo: KATV)

Billy Lee, superintendent for the Blevins School District, offered up his resignation to district representatives Monday night at the school board meeting.

Channel 7 was the only news station there as Lee announced his intent to resign at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

This comes a week after a parent reached out the Channel 7, saying Lee pulled a gun on her during an argument on September 25th.

At the meeting, Lee's attorney, Rowe Stayton, described what happened that day.

Stayton says Bridget McClure got on the bus Lee was driving, arguing with him about disciplining her children. Lee asked her to get off the bus, saying that wasn't the place to talk about what happened.

McClure got off the bus, and Stayton says she waited for Lee at the school district office. According to Stayton, McClure acted confrontational, and her son threw rocks at Lee's truck as he was trying to leave.

McClure claims during the ordeal Lee pulled out a gun.

Lee and his attorney deny the claim, saying what McClure saw was a wallet.

We asked Lee if he had a gun that day. Lee responded, “No ma'am, no ma'am, no ma'am, no.

We also asked if Lee has ever had a gun on school campus.

“No ma'am,” Lee said. “It's against the law to take a gun on school campus?

McClure tells Channel 7 she knows what she saw.

"It's the butt of a pistol in a holster, yes ma'am,” said Bridget McClure. “There's no mistake in that. I know what a wallet looks like, and I know what the butt of a pistol looks like. I mean, I can't tell you what kind of pistol or anything, but as far as weapon wise, you can tell the butt of a pistol sticking out of a holster. There's no mistaking that."

The attorney says there is video of the incident, but it cannot be released to the public or media because it involves disciplinary action of the student.

"With 34 years, it just got to be a health problem, and this just pushed it over,” said Lee. “And it’s the best for the school district to get past this with all the—you know, we’ve had some other incidents. And to get past all that, it’s best for the school district, so the kids can learn to be successful, so this community can thrive again.”

"If you’re not guilty of anything, why are you leaving? So evidently, if something is getting to you and you know you done something wrong for you want to resign. Because an innocent person isn't going to resign for no reason," McClure said.

Lee said McClure's son has been suspended, because of reportedly throwing rocks at his truck that day.

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