Brother of NLR teen shot, killed during traffic stop speaks before vigil

Monday night, family and friends of C.J. Smith gathered at the corner of 52nd and Camp Robinson Road in North Little Rock for a vigil. The teen was shot and killed by police after officers say he shot at them. (Photo: KATV)

When Juwaun Jordan was riding in the car with his younger brother C.J. Smith and a friend Sunday morning, they were pulled over by North Little Rock Police at 52nd and Camp Robinson.

Jordan says everyone was asked to get out of the car.

"Everything was going smooth until they got to C.J.," said Jordan.

Jordan says there were multiple officers at the scene and Smith was searched.

"All three of them grabbed him," said Jordan. "They say he resisted, but he wasn't moving. He was talking. He wasn't doing [anything]."

The 21-year-old continued to describe what happened.

"They were tussling him to the ground," said Jordan. "When they were on the ground, one of them jumped up off of him, one shot went off, and he was like 'he got a gun.'"

At that point, Jordan says he heard the gunshots.

"He just shot him five times," said Jordan. "He couldn't move, he couldn't do nothing. He had three officers on top of him, so how was he moving?"

Jordan says officers told them they were stopped because of broken lights on the car.

"When y'all stopped us, y'all never looked at no lights," said Jordan. "If it was the light, don't y'all walk around and be like, 'this the light'? They didn't do none of that. They just pulled up, told us to get out, tussled with him, and they shot him and killed him."

When asked if Smith had a gun on him, Jordan said he never knew his little brother to carry a gun.

Becoming emotional, Jordan explains he still has unanswered questions about what happened.

"Why did y'all shoot him?" Jordan asked. "Y'all got tasers. Use them tasers. Why did y'all have to kill him?"

Jordan tells Channel 7 he and the other passenger have been charged with possession of a firearm.

Monday afternoon, Smith's mother said she still has not been able to see his body.

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