Bryant mayor gives update on search for new police chief

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The Bryant chief of police position has sat empty for just over a month now, but mayor Allen Scott says he is no rush to fill it.

Mayor Scott tells KATV the goal is to have a new chief take over duties within a month, but he says he is willing to wait longer for the right person.

"We are really looking for the best person for the job, and I think we will get that," he said.

The search for the next chief began after former police chief Mark Kizer left the department in January.

Mayor Scott says it was his decision to let Kizer go.

"When I came on, I felt like it was important to replace him with someone else because I did not like the way some things were done," he said.

Mayor Scott says he is in the process of forming a search committee which will be made up of community members, council members and police officers.

"The job of that committee will be to interview the potential police chief to see if they are a good fit for the community and department," he said.

Mayor Scott says the right person should have some prior experience as a police chief or being in charge of similar department.

"We're just like any other small community in this area," he said. "We might have a little lower violent crime, which I am thankful for and I hope to continue that."

Mayor Scott says interim police chief J.W. Plouch is carrying out the duties of police chief, giving the city plenty of time to find their perfect fit.

He says the committee will be formed early this month, and start interviewing applicants within the next few weeks.

As of right now, Mayor Scott says the city has already received more than 10 applications.

If you are interested in applying and learning more about the job requirements, click here.

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