Burglar takes $4,250 worth of games, electronics from Little Rock church

Police are investigating a burglary at a Little Rock church (KATV)

Police are investigating after a someone stole thousands of dollars worth of games and electronics from a Little Rock church.

Officers were called Friday at 4:29 p.m. to Theressa Hoover United Methodist Church at 4000 W. 13th St. Charlie Bruce, 46, told police his office at the church had been burglarized. Four Playstation game consoles, four Xbox game consoles, two TVs, a Bluetooth speaker, video games and video game controllers were taken, according to a police report. The estimated value of the stolen items was $4,250.

Bruce told police that his office is accessible from a second floor walkway and that someone could have climbed over a fence and walked up the stairs to reach it, according to the report. Police said it appeared that someone got into Bruce's office, which was locked, by knocking out a piece of cardboard that had been covering a hole above the office door. The burglar apparently used a chair inside the office to climb back through the hole and get out.

It looked like more than one person was involved in the burglary, according to police.

An investigation is ongoing.

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