Buyer Beware: Sherwood woman buys knockoff toy thinking she was getting the real thing

Buyer Beware: Sherwood woman buys knockoff toy thinking she was getting the real thing (KATV Photo)

Fingerlings are one of the hottest toys on the market this holiday season.

They're basically an interactive toy that you wrap around your finger that can respond to your movements when you pet or hold them.

But when Elizabeth Wirges started looking for them online, she got this one in the mail today, and realized this isn't the real thing.

"I don't know what I’m going to do with this little creature that I got," Wirges said.

Elizabeth Wirges was shopping for her 7-year-old granddaughter and wanted to get her the top toy of the season, a Fingerling.

She couldn't find them in the stores, but came across a Facebook ad showcasing the product for about $20, so she went ahead and bought it.

"And immediately started feeling wrong about it," said Wirges.

Because that was back in October, and when she bought it, she didn't immediately receive a confirmation email of her purchase.

"They already had the money without even saying that it had been shipped," Wirges said.

After two months of waiting, the toy finally came in the mail, but aside from the damage on the packaging, there was a major difference between what she ordered and what she received.

"It says Happy Monkey, it doesn't say Fingerlings," Wirges said.

The packaging, its name, and the design of the figure, all show signs that these are fakes.

While the real ones say Fingerlings and the product matches the image on the box, the fakes, which she purchased through the Facebook ad, do the exact opposite.

So Wirges says if you can't find those products in stores.

"Keep looking and if you do order, check the company out before you order," she said.

Now the company she bought the toy from, Prime4Choice, only answered her questions after she reached out to PayPal, the serviced she purchased the products through.

Fortunately for Wirges, she was able to get a full refund through PayPal.

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