Camden Fairview students' science experiment going to International Space Station

Pictured from left to right: Hope Hesterly, Piper Fain, Alexis Bryant & Lexi Betts, ninth grade students at Camden-Fairview High School whose student experiment is headed into orbit in 2017. (Photo: KATV)

A science experiment made by ninth graders at the Camden Fairview School District is taking a trip to space.

The Camden Fairview "Student Spaceflights Experiments Program" Team traveled to the Kennedy Space Center to see their experiment lift off on the SpaceX Falcon 9 CRS-11 as it heads to the International Space Station. The rocket, which was first scheduled to launch Thursday, will launch Saturday and also carry the ISS resupply and science investigations.

The experiment entitled, "Testing the Formation of a Polymer in Microgravity," will be tested by astronauts on the International Space Station and then sent back to students for analysis.

The Student Spaceflights Experiments Program had students compete to create research proposals and have those proposals vetted by a review board. Students worked in groups to develop their experiments and presented their proposals to a panel at the local level, dwindling the experiments to a select few to be chosen by the review board in Maryland.

The chosen experiment was designed by Lexi Betts, Alexis Bryant, Piper Fain, Hope Hesterly and Trey Jeffus. The students' teacher was Hannah O'Dell.

The program says a control experiment will be conducted on the Camden Fairview campus while astronauts perform their experiment in space according to the proposal's instructions.

This is the first time a student experiment from Arkansas is going up with the Student Spaceflights Experiments Program.

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