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Little Rock police officer's assignments violate reinstatement terms, attorney says

Starks was fired from the Little Rock Police Department last year after fatally shooting Bradley Blackshire. (Photo: LRPD/Pixabay){p}{/p}
Starks was fired from the Little Rock Police Department last year after fatally shooting Bradley Blackshire. (Photo: LRPD/Pixabay)

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An attorney for Little Rock police officer Charles Starks says the officer's latest assignments violate the terms of his reinstatement and could put his safety at risk.

A motion for contempt filed Tuesday in Pulaski County Circuit Court says that Starks’ temporary role as a desk officer at the 12th Street police station exposes Starks to harassment. The motion says that Chief Keith Humphrey has been assigning Starks to temporary roles since his reinstatement, which is "not normal." It also says Starks has been assigned two supervisors who have spoken out against him in the past.

The motion seeks for the department to "treat Starks as any other officer."

Starks was fired from the department last year after fatally shooting Bradley Blackshire. Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox ordered the police department to reinstate Starks in January. Shortly after, Fox held the city in contempt of court because Starks had returned to work at the department but had not been given his badge, gun or identification.

Starks' attorney, Robert Newcomb, now says his client's assignment as a desk officer has the “potential for problems.” The motion says that having Starks stationed in an area open to the public is dangerous since he has been “subject to a pattern of harassment” by people who have expressed support for the Blackshire family. The lawsuit said that people have posted about Starks’ assignment online. Starks also lost the benefit of a take-home vehicle after being moved to the desk assignment.

The motion asks that Starks be returned to a previous assignment in the accreditation division.

Starks is also seeking a different supervisor. His current supervisor is Capt. Crystal Haskins, a witness for the Blackshire family in a federal lawsuit against Starks. According to the motion, Haskins wrote a report in which she said his use of deadly force was unjustified.

Starks has also asked not to work with Lt. Theddus McRae, who is set to become his supervisor in June. The motions says McRae made racist comments against Starks.

No response to the motion had been filed Thursday afternoon.

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