City of Benton, neighbors say no to rezoning property for commercial use

Benton resident George Beyers is requesting that his property be rezoned for commercial use. But city council members said no, along with neighbors. (Photo: KATV)

A long-time Benton resident is fighting to get his property rezoned and sold.

George Beyers owns two homes that sit on Sharon Road, right behind the Home Depot off of I-30.

He's lived there since 1990 with his wife, but is now looking to move.

"I've had this house on the market for three years as residential," said Beyers.

Beyers and another neighbor wants the zoning on their property to be changed from residential to C-1 commercial property.

They think it will be more attractive for businesses to use, since no one seems to want Beyers' property to live on.

"This is a heavily used street," said Beyers. "It is a commercial used street, and eventually, it will all be commercial on this side of the street."

The change was considered at city council meeting last Monday. One ordinance was presented for Beyers' property and another for his neighbor's property.

But neighbors surrounding Beyers, like Michael Tinnel spoke against it, fearing more traffic and congestion in an area he's lived in for seven years.

"When I bought this property, I bought it for the--I knew what I was already getting into, you know as far as what commercial property was in the area," said Tinnel. "And I didn't sign up to have more commercial property in the area."

Council members were given a petition with over 90 signatures on it.

But Beyers says he mapped out the addresses and said many didn't live in his immediate area.

He says two even had Bryant addresses.

"Of all those 93 signatures, there were seven people who could have possibly objected," said Beyers.

Because of the signatures on the petition, Beyers said he sent the mayor a letter asking him to reconsider the zoning ordinance.

He's waiting to hear back.

Beyers said he plans to reapply for new zoning in 12 months.

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