City of Little Rock warming centers open during day, closed on cold nights

City of Little Rock opens warming centers during the day, but closes them at night because of staffing and permit issues. (Photo: KATV)

As brutally cold weather sends many inside, the City of Little Rock is opening warming centers across the city that remain open only during the day.

On Wednesday, five community centers opened at 10:00 a.m.:

Dunbar Community Center, 1001 West 16th Street, 501-376-1084
East Little Rock Community Center, 2500 East 6th Street, 501-374-2881
Jim Dailey Fitness & Aquatic Center, 300 South Monroe Street, 501-664-6976
West Central Community Center, 4521 John Barrow Road, 501-379-1890
Southwest Community Center, 6401 Baseline Road, 501-918-3974

"If you don't have shelter, you can come here,” said Lamor Williams, communications and marketing manager for The City of Little Rock. “If you have shelter and have inadequate heating, you can come here to be warm."

Water, snacks, hand warmers, and foot warmers can be found at each location.

But since the shelters are closing at 6:00 p.m. each day, many are asking why are they closing when temperatures get the lowest at night?

"We don't have the proper permits or staff needed to be a shelter, to operate a shelter from the community centers," said Williams.

The locations would need after-hours staffing, which they currently don't have.

For now, they’ll be open as long at the temperatures are below freezing.

The City of Little Rock is directing you to call these numbers if you need after-hours or overnight shelter from the cold:

The Van: 501-955-3444
Chris Porter, the City’s Homeless Services Advocate: 501-379-1596 (office), 501-353-4610 (cell)

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