Clinton National Airport reports more travelers

Clinton National Airport's $25 million renovation project adds new amenities to alleviate travel-related stress.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) -- The Thanksgiving travel rush is well underway on the roads and in the air.

Clinton National Airport projects travel to be up by two percent this holiday season.

November is the busiest month of the year for the airport, and TSA predicted Friday the 17th as the busiest day of the year, with over 4,000 passengers flying out of Little Rock.

Channel 7 toured the airport and learned about some new additions that have been added to alleviate the stresses of traveling.

“Without that, she would be likely to pee in the hallways or whatever, and that, that's a problem!” Joanne Westendorf said. She’s talking about her dog, Rosie, who took advantage of the new pet relief room at the airport.

“We had a pet relief area outside and we still have it out by our west entrance. With that, though, those traveling with animals would have to be re-screened as they go out through the concourse area,” Shane Carter, Director of Public Affairs for the airport said.

The relief area is just another addition the airport made to cut down on lost time and possibly even missing a flight from having to go through security again.

And mothers who are breastfeeding, too, will no longer have to go down to the baggage claim area—they can stay near the gates in a brand new “mothers room” to feed their baby in private.

“So they can come in and again it's an area where it's conveniently located that they're not having to be re-screened after they use that,” Carter said.

The airport’s $25 million renovation plan also added charging docks to all chairs at each gate.

“Well it's convenience because I can read while I'm sitting here waiting for three hours since my husband always needs to be at the airport early and then I'll still have a charge on the plane,” said Linda Zellner, whose goal is keeping her iPad and phone fully charged during her travels this season.

The airport is expecting even more traffic in the future—it’s adding an American Airlines flight to Washington, D.C. starting in April, and a Frontier Airlines flight to Denver come March.

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