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Community advocate discusses ways to lower crime rates

{p}Community advocate discusses ways to lower crime rates{/p}

Community advocate discusses ways to lower crime rates

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With crime still sweeping across the state, many are speaking out and sharing ways to stop the violence.

They say it takes a village and that is exactly what one Criminal Justice Instructor said while speaking about crime in Arkansas.

At the end of 2022, there were over 80 homicides in Little Rock, and community members have been actively seeking ways to lower that number for 2023 and years to come.

Between robberies, homicides, and other acts of violence, many are saying engaged communities can help deter violence.

This means giving other outlets an opportunity other than crime, including community events and even tackling mental health issues across the state.

Most importantly is practicing good morals and values such as "See something, say something," ensuring everyone does their part to help victims receive justice.

"There's no sense of community. The person doesn't know the neighbor to their left or to their right. They don't want to get involved or engaged, therefore you might even see a crime being committed but you're like... It's not my house so it doesn't matter. So I think if we get a sense of community back in our communities then I really believe that will combat crime," Criminal Justice Instructor, Warren L. Booker Jr., said.

According to the Office of Justice Programs, the risk of youth getting involved in crime is dependent on many factors, including neighborhood environment and daily activities.

Across the U.S. Providing activities for kids to get involved in has helped reduce crime numbers.

As we approach summer, parents are encouraged to get their children involved in hobbies that will give them outlets rather than being left to themselves.

According to Booker Jr., it is important to give youth opportunities to gather together in positive environments and give them the tools to believe their lives can be successful.

He added that we cannot turn a blind eye in our communities when it does not directly affect us, it is all of our jobs to set a good example.

"If I know my self worth.... If I have self esteem and I know that I have value then I am less likely to commit a crime or commit acts of violence that would deter that or make me not be able to enjoy the life that I plan to have. Also the way that I value my life, I would value someone else's life the same. Therefore I don't think people would be so quick to engage in activities that would take those freedoms away or take those lives away," Booker said.

Booker says though crime will never completely stop, that it is time to take back our community and decrease the statistics.

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