Community in Little Rock starts justice campaign for triple homicide victims

Community starts justice campaign for triple homicide victims

It happened on December 5th, a triple homicide in an apartment complex that took the lives of a mother and her two kids.

2017 is almost over and still no suspect has been charged for this crime.

It's been almost a month since 24-year-old Mariah Cunningham and her two kids, Alayah and Elijah Fisher, were found dead in her apartment here at the Rosewood Apartments off 65th street.

"It's been almost three weeks or more and we still haven't caught the perpetrator," Fred Allen, a State Representative for Arkansas’ 30th District, said.

Stop the Violence, Parents for Murdered Children and other organizations are teaming up to start the campaign "Justice for Mariah and Her Children” In order to keep this crime in the fore front of people's mind, as the suspect remains on the loose.

"It's out of hand now, something has to be done, and we have to take a new stand, and it requires all of us," Ian Bordeaux, a member of the Panther Party for Community Defense, said.

"We want to ask you to treat these three individuals like they were your own kin, because if they were your kin you'd want someone to turn them in," Reverend Benny Johnson of Stop the Violence, said.

"Just like this person killed three people, this person will certainly kill again," Rep. Allen said.

State Representative Fred Allen is standing with this group, to try and motivate people as the new year approaches.

"The city of Little Rock is in a situation that it's in today because when people are silent, nothing gets done in our community," Rep. Allen said.

"I mean, we are in one of the most dangerous cities to live in. That's crazy, when is this going to stop?" Amy Stivers, a member of Central Arkansas’ chapter of Parents of Murdered Children, asked.

But with 2018 on the horizon, this group hopes that these three victims will remind everyone that justice needs to be served.

"This is a mother and her two children massacred in her home. If this is not the wakeup call, hey, maybe I need to move out this city," Bordeaux said.

Their investigation is still ongoing, as are several homicides in the city that have yet to be solved.

There is currently a $50,000 reward for anybody with information on the case.

If you have any information on who may be responsible, you are asked to call Little Rock Police immediately.

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