Conway PD gets $50,000 to fund Operation Shop Secure for holiday season

Conway Police Dept. gets $50,000 to fund Operation Shop Secure. That will put more officers out in busy shopping areas during the holiday season. (Photo: KATV)

During this holiday season in Conway, residents will see more of a law enforcement presence, and it won't come cheap.

Tuesday night, the city council voted to give the Conway Police Department a $50,000 boost for Operation Shop Secure.

"As you know, it's to pay for police officers to be in our shopping areas starting with Black Friday all the way through Christmas Eve," said Jody Spradlin, chief of police for Conway Police Department.

Spradlin says officers won't be in patrol cars. They'll be out on foot, securing busy shopping areas throughout the city.

Spradlin says officers work 1100 man hours during Operation Shop Secure.

“[We’ve] been doing this for several years,” said Spradlin. “It's been a big hit, and we'd like to continue that."

We asked Conway residents would they feel safer with more officers in busy shopping areas.

"Yes, it would," said Marva Pirtle. “’Cause at the holidays, you're worried about people robbing you.”

"I'm not much of a shopper, but I feel more secure about my wife being out there, you know what I mean?” said Greg Seroy. “So, I think it would be good."

"A lot of stuff happens during Black Friday,” said Ravenn Hervey. “I heard somebody got killed one year, grandmas get pushed down, stuff gets stolen."

"I don't think it's going to deter any criminals,” said Weston Simpson. “I think if somebody needs something bad enough, they're going to do whatever they have to do to get it."

Spradlin says officers will primarily work extra hours Thursday through Sunday.

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