Conway police investigate after 25 gun thefts reported


Conway police are investigating what they call an unusually high number of firearms thefts.

Police say that last month, 25 guns were stolen. Many were taken out of unlocked cars.

"More and more people are buying guns. With that comes a responsibility," Conway police Maj. Chris Harris said. "You hear all the time that you don't want guns falling into the hands of criminals. With that being said, any time a gun is stolen from a vehicle, it's already in the hands of a criminal."

Harris said there's no specific part of town in which the thefts are taking place.

"I understand if you're out and about at a shopping center, at some sports stadium venue," he said. "But when you're at your house, that's when the responsibility comes in and take it inside."

Harris says these incidents highlight the importance of locking your vehicle if you've got valuables -- especially a deadly weapon -- inside.

Police have no leads on any thieves. But of two of the firearms have been recovered -- one at a local pawn shop, and another at a local business -- and they are working to get the remaining 23 weapons out of the hands of criminals.

"It's always concerning," Harris said. "You don't know who has the weapons. There will be statistics all over the place. You'll find them at different crime scenes, or somebody will be arrested for a homicide, usually it's a stolen gun."

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