Conway to take part in lawsuit against drug manufacturers and distributors

Conway to take part in lawsuit against drug manufacturers and distributors

Back in December, Conway agreed to join in litigation against drug manufacturers and distributers, with the hope of putting a stop to what's now become an epidemic.

Conway city attorney Chuck Clawson says Arkansas ranks second in the country for opioid prescriptions that are filled out.

"There's actually 114 prescriptions for every hundred people in the state and that's enough for 38 pills for every man, woman and child," Clawson said.

So, when the Arkansas Municipal League, an organization that represents cities in the Natural State with matters involving the federal government, decided to reach out to communities to see if they'd join in potential litigation to combat this epidemic, Conway jumped on board.

"We've got to do something to turn the tide,” Clawson said, “we've got to hold these drug manufacturers and distributers accountable."

And that's because, according to Clawson, the lawsuit will provide relief for Arkansans, and funds to combat the problem.

"Those community resources have been strained because of this epidemic," he said.

But it's not an overnight fix.

"For years, they've been overselling the benefits and understating the risk,” said Clawson. “So, they've chosen profit over our people and I represent our people."

Clawson hopes that more cities and towns will join his city, in the fight that's claiming too many lives here in Arkansas.

"It's not just a Little Rock problem, it's not just a Conway problem, this is statewide,” said Clawson. "Somebody's got to do something and that's why we jumped in."

Clawson says the potential funds that could come from this lawsuit would go to things like counseling and treatment for people that are addicted to these drugs.

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