Couple claims ATM may have had card skimmer inside, investigation underway

A First Security Bank ATM popped open on Sunday night when Charles McCloud of North Little Rock, checked to see if there was a card skimmer affixed to the outside of the machine. McCloud believes there was likely a skimmer on the inside. (Photo: Charles McCloud)

It all started with texts from Regions Bank, alerting Wendy & Charles McCloud to a $800 withdrawal made from a River Market ATM - a withdrawal they never made.

"We knew we hadn't been downtown, we knew it wasn't us," recalled Charles McCloud. "They gave us the card number and it was her ATM card number. She still had her ATM card, so we knew the card wasn't stolen. At that point we started thinking back to where we had used it in the last couple of months."

McCloud said his wife rarely uses her ATM card.

"The only place we'd used it was at an ATM down near Bass Pro Shops at a First Security Bank," claimed McCloud.

An IT guy by day, McCloud assumed there was likely a snap-on card skimmer that had been placed on top of the ATM card reader, something his wife typically checks for.

"She is very diligent about pulling on card readers before she swipes her card," said McCloud, commenting that when they used the card reader she at First Security Bank, she forgot to check since the couple was getting money in a hurry.

The couple went to check the ATM on Sunday night, stopping a woman about to use the machine, telling her they believed there may be a problem with it.

"I reached up and grabbed a hold of it [the card reader] and pulled and the whole top part of the ATM came sliding out," said McCloud.

According to the LRPD incident report, a security supervisor that checked out the machine told officers that there didn't appear to be any signs of forced entry into the machine and no card skimmer was actually located. McCloud believes the skimmer was already removed by the time they had noticed.

Steven Self, First Security Bank Security Supervisor, tells KATV that an investigation into the ATM in question is still underway - but their initial findings are inconclusive as to whether there was a skimmer on that ATM or not.

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