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Woman convicted in killing of Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter applies for clemency

Crystal Lowery has submitted a clemency application with the Arkansas Parole Board. (Photo: Pulaski County Sheriff){ }{p}{/p}
Crystal Lowery has submitted a clemency application with the Arkansas Parole Board. (Photo: Pulaski County Sheriff)

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Crystal Lowery, who was convicted of participating in the abduction and murder of realtor Beverly Carter in 2014, has asked for her 30-year sentence to be cut in half.

In a letter to Governor Asa Hutchinson acquired by KATV through press freedom laws, Lowery asked for a reduced sentence citing "exemplary institutional adjustment." She said she has found God, taken part in multiple rehabilitation programs and is ready to pay her debt to society "outside."

“I know I can never say or do enough to change what I did," Lowery said in the letter.

Lowery pleaded guilty to kidnapping and first-degree murder for the death of Carter, a 50-year-old mother of three. She submitted a clemency application with the Arkansas Parole Board earlier this month.

"We all learn from our mistakes, but our mistakes are not who we are,” Lowery said. “I am willing to do anything I need to do to show I am rehabilitated and I am not a danger to anyone.”

She was arrested after investigators found cellphone records that showed she and her estranged husband Arron Lewis conspired to kidnap Carter. Lowery was sentenced to 30 years in prison after agreeing to testify against Lewis in the 2016 murder trial. Lewis is serving a life sentence without parole for capital murder and kidnapping.

In the letter, Lowery said that she is drawn to men who need to be "fixed" and said that if it weren't for her relationship with Lewis, she would not be in prison.

"I have a debt to pay to society and it would be more productive to pay this debt volunteering and monitoring on the outside than staring at four walls on the inside eating up taxpayer dollars," Lowery said. "I am asking you for a second chance to prove myself redeemable to society.”

With her current sentence, Lowery isn't eligible for parole until she serves 21 years in prison. If her sentence is reduced, Lowery said she plans to move to Louisiana to be with family.

Board spokesperson Hollie Wellborn said Lowery's application will be reviewed in July and there will be no hearing.

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